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A Single Supplement May Help With Swelling, Pain and Exercise Recovery

The silkworm creates a natural chemical that is used as a powerful supplement. Serrapeptase has been widely used in Europe and Japan for medicinal purposes. It is classified as a dietary supplement rather than a drug in the United States. Its use is recommended by many dietary and medical experts as a natural pain reliever and to reduce inflammation. Few side effects have been identified with the use of serrapeptase ast enzymes and it is recommended to many that want a safer form of relief from pain and inflammation than prescription drugs.

Relief for Pain

Serrapeptase is useful for people with chronic conditions that cause pain. Some of its most effective use has been with treating the pain of migraine and tension headaches, various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia. It has also been found to be a solution for people with chronic back pain and athletes with sports injuries.

Reduction of Inflammation

Conditions that cause swelling may also be relieved with the use of Serrapeptase. Discomfort from ear, nose and throat infections, digestive disorders and thrombophlebitis are common examples. Some people even rely on the use of the supplement to reduce their swelling following surgery. This may help to shorten a recovery period. It is the anti-inflammatory ability of the supplement that makes it so useful for people with joint diseases like arthritis.

Assisting Other Concerns

Individuals with non-cancerous lumps in their breasts, diabetes or chronic skin infections may also experience improvement with the addition of Serrapeptase to their regimen. Many athletic trainers recommend their clients use the supplement regularly to keep their bodies in optimum health and prevent inflammation after a strenuous workout of competition. Additional research is needed but this enzyme may also help people with certain respiratory disorders. Some tests have proven it to be able to liquefy mucus and reduce the buildup of phlegm in the lungs and sinuses.

Serretia is the name of the leading brand of this type of supplement. Just a few capsules a day can help to treat and maintain a number of problems. Many people experience improvement in their condition within an hour after beginning the supplement and others have noticeable relief after a few weeks of consistent use. The FDA classifies this as a safe product but there are some cautions. It could prevent blood clotting, so people with clotting disorders or preparing for surgery may want to avoid the supplement to prevent excessive bleeding.